Monday, April 17, 2006

How will it be?

I often sit back and wonder how life will be in the coming years. When I have children, will I be as foolish with technology as my parents are? Will human contact be limited to the computer mostly? Many things are changing with the internet allowing many aspects of human life simpler to deal with. As good as technology is right now, it is always changing and improving. The outcome is very exciting and I am eager to see the developments ahead of me. With Tv on phones, there may be no need for larger or more numerous developments. People can combine functions within one appliance. The change is for the good, but will it benefit human kind when people rely more heavily on a false reality over the internet.

Monday, March 27, 2006


People always talk about how people are getting very lazy these days. I think a lot of that is in part to the advances made in life to make things very easier. The internet allows people to conduct so many daily activities without leaving their chair. As people realize the benefits they have by using the internet, more and more do they not leave their house to do errands which were previously across town. As nice as it is to have what you want a click away, I think there will be many reprocusions to the simplicity of life.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

U.S. Ports

I have been fairly supportive of Bush, even though I along with countless others think he is not the best guy for the job. Most other people, however, think he is just a dumbass. I'll tell you what a dumbass is. A dumbass is someone who would let a country troubled with terrorist take over a U.S. port operations. The United States, a country with great fear of terrorist attacks. If a terrorist country controlling ports doesn't sound bad, what would you think if they controlled U.S. militant tools? This is exactly what would happen. Dubai is a beautiful country with beautiful coast. Control your own ports. I realize the U.S. is a country that controls many actions globally, but I see no benefit or reason for another country empowering themselves in ours. One thing is for sure, when George Bush is set on his ways, he's set. When he wanted to go to war to stop terrorism - we did, against great unadvisory. Now he says he is determined to let the deal go through with Dubai. How is this the right step in stopping terrorism?

Monday, March 06, 2006

That thing....

Since keeping up with the continuously changing technology world is both difficult and expensive, I decided to take a break from worrying about the new things. The trend I am seeing is combining several features into one existing electronic. For instance, the cell phone now has a camera and MP3 abilities. These are no longer allowed in a court room, but besides that are very convenient at one's side. Another example is the IPOD with a television and video abilities. You can watch shows on your own time and skip commercials. All of these features are very new to the market and will continue to become better and better. I am waiting for the development that will be "that thing" that does all the functions I need. I feel within the next 3 or 4 years a development will be made to have a cell phone that is as much a cell phone as it is other electronics I use on a daily basis. Although the phone may not be as small as the one I have now, It will be the most useful thing I will own.


I recently have ordered a car that has navigation in the dash board. It isn't so much that I feel this is necessary, but I feel like it is a nice thing to have for long road trips. Most of the time I know where I am located, but for the instances where I am traveling, having a map updating in front of me would be extremely helpful. The navigation is very smart. You can program it to remember places such as your house, allowing one to set a destination where verbal directions will alert you of places to turn from one's house to that destination. Another feature is the ability to see restaurants and gas stations. Knowing the location of a gas station in unfirmiliar areas is a very helpful feature. I am excited for the new system I will have in the near future. This feature, like the radio, may be a standard feature in every car. I am sure this idea could keep evolving to do great things for the auto industry, and possibly more.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ring Tones

Buying ring tones is very cheap, but with so many individuals doing this - the industry is extremely large and successful. My favorite part is, previously when a phone would ring in an akward situation such as class, it would just be annoying and inconsiderate. With these new ring tones, it has placed people in an embarassing situation where many people laugh. I really enjoy hearing a nice song instead of an annoying ring because it is very humorous. Keep up the downloading...

More advertising

I mentioned previously the new ways companies need to advertise to compensate for people not watching commercials anymore. Only original and humorous commercials are remember, and for that reason other means have been used. I have noticed video games now advertise companies, as well. In games like Tony Hawk, every car in the game is a Jeep. It is obvious that Jeep has a contract with the game maker. Games can now make money by marketing game space to companies, while the game player notices the advertisements. Other football games also have advertising signs much like you see in stadiums. I like seeing these forms of advertisement better than commercials because they are not annoying and the message still comes across. I think it is a very creative way to get a message out to a large audience.
The new ability for cameras to get better images during sporting events has also lead to advertising during a viewing - instead of commercial breaks. This is thoughtful to the viewer because they are not interested in long breaks. People are hired to look at video footage of race car driving to find spots to place advertisements. This job would not even been considered a while back, but the new close up pictures allows new placements for adds to be seen. With the cost for maintaining race cars so high, advertising space is essential and very marketable to sponsor's.

Online Gaming

I have recently started playing Family Feud on, and have found it very addicting. I find it interesting that the website can recognize many different forms or wording an answer, but also find it frusterating that it doesn't recognize and an answer that is in essance correct. I guess I shouldn't be upset because most the time I am credited with points, but the few times I am not I feel cheated. I wonder how this issue will be addressed to help allow the game to be more effective and realistic. My other problem is people cheating. Once a day I find someone playing thats score reads "cheat". I don't understand this phenomenom because the game is solely for fun. There is no money involved or anything, only the pride and satisfaction of having your name on the leader board. It is beyond me that someone could enjoy winning a fun game by cheating, and disrespecting the others playing fairly.

Junk Mail

Today there is a high demand on e - mail addresses. I can not stand having so much junk mail from advertising companies, where you have to individually unsubscribe to each list. There are many traps on webpages to get people to subscribe to list. Once your e mail address is out in the open, companies send all kinds of offers to get your attention. I feel that junk mail never stops coming, it is like telemarketing online. By sending advertisements to a large group, thousands of people are affected by this annoying ploy.

Not taking advantage of the times

Recently I called my grandparents to keep up to date with everything in their lives. I frequently keep in touch with my parents, but I do not hear often from my grandparents. Thank god they are alive, but with them aging their health is constantly in question. When I talked to my grandparents they informed me that my grandpa collapsed at a restaraunt and had to go to the hospital. I was upset at the fact that even though I am away from home, my parents never called to tell me. My grandpa recently came out of a coma, and was doing well up until this point. With technology allowing me to be a phone call away, I was just shocked that I was not aware of this moment.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Many discussions have came up in class about how Tivo effects the ability for companies to advertise on TV. Tonight, while watching American Idol, I realized the subtle advertising that coca cola does during the show. Since people that have Tivo tend to fast forward through the pesty commericals, coke has put cups with their emblem in front of the judges on an enormously popular show to gain recognition. When Tivo becomes popular, how will shows be able to advertise all products that want recognition? If everyone gets Tivo, commercials are essentially worthless because no one would want to watch them. The only way for an advertisement to be seen will be during the show, and forced advertisements would affect the appeal of the show

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No Posts!

Before taking the class I am currently enrolled in, I have never before tried to do a blog. I thought it would be interesting and that others could see what is new in my life - but I have had no posts! If someone stops by, please feel free to drop a message to me. A blog is not complete without interaction, so someone help me make my online journal a blog.

Easy Life

Life is a little different now that I am growing up and my family is so spread out. With one brother in college in another state and the other living all the way acrossed the country, we do not see much of each other. Where in the past I could go out and buy a birthday gift the day of and wrap it up before going out to dinner, the same is not so today. I found it very convenient that even though I am acrossed the country from my brother, I was able to find, buy and have the item shipped for under $15 in one day - without leaving my computer seat. Even though we are so far away, shopping has never been easier. The internet truely does make the world a smaller place...